Just call me the Valentine’s Day Fairy…

I love love. It doesn’t even matter if I’m single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites! So with last year’s Valentine’s Day approaching, I was excited about the day and had some plans up my sleeve.

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I remember talking to one of my best friends about an idea I had.  I wanted to anonymously send some sort of Valentine’s Day treat or gift to some people last year. Okay, specifically there were two guys I wanted to send something. I may or may not have had a crush on them, I’m talking 5th grade style, but that is irrelevant to this story.  And two guys Cassie? Scandalous!! Hey, more like single!! 😉  All joking aside, these were two really good guys, who I wanted to feel special on Valentine’s Day.

However, there were two problems with this plan I had:

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  1. Cassie was not about to spend a lot of money on these gifts. Not to mention I had no idea what to give that wasn’t too much and would freak them out.  It also didn’t help that businesses on Valentine’s Day like to hike up the prices.
  2. How was I going to send someone something without them knowing it was from me.  Having something delivered at this point, seemed out of the question, and the risk of me delivering it myself and someone seeing, was too much.

To be honest, I almost gave up on the idea just because of the two problems mentioned above. Well, cut to a few days later when I was presented with the perfect opportunity! It literally was exactly everything I was looking for. Something small, had a delivery service, and extremely affordable!  A low key treat that didn’t cost much, I could send anonymously, and that I wouldn’t freak someone out with!

At the end of the day, it wasn’t so much the gift I was going for here, but rather the thought. That fact that someone thought of them to send something. To hopefully make them feel special and smile.

The two guys reacted in two different ways to the gifts. The first had no idea who the gift was from. My identity as an anonymous person was fulfilled! No credit was given or associated with me at all. The second guy I sent something to gave credit to a different person. I remember him trying so hard to figure out who the treat was from that day. Two thumbs up for my performance in acting surprised and clueless when the conversation was brought up.  He was convinced that someone else had sent it to him. I remember sitting next to him and just smiling inside because the person responsible was sitting right next to him the entire time.

In both situations, I couldn’t help but think about how I do the same thing with God. There are so many times when I give credit to someone else or don’t even acknowledge that something is from God. That job promotion at work, thanks boss! That cure from a sickness, thanks doc! That relationship that needed healing, thanks boo! The truth is these blessings are from God, and He is the true provider, not the person who I originally gave credit too. Granted, God did provide these people and their skills to carry out these blessings, but in the end, it was all from Him. There are also so many times in my life when God does things and I don’t even realize they are from him. Life gets busy, sometimes I fail to make the connection, or I’m just plain distracted. Albert Einstein once said, “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.” And I absolutely love that quote.

Along with sending some treats, I made a snap story last year that so many people thought was funny. I’ll never forget how great the feeling was that night, knowing that I was able to make someone smile, laugh, or feel special.  Being able to provide these feelings brought me so much joy, and I experienced so much more love and warmth than any other Valentine’s Day I could remember in the past.


A note for that single person:

To every single person out there on Valentine’s Day this year, I want to encourage you to look at the holiday and not roll your eyes or feel bad about being single on this day. Whether it’s your 1st or 16th Valentine’s Day Single, know that this will not last forever. I assure you, someone will come into your life one day, the one person you’ve been waiting for. And when that day comes, you will realize that the annoyingly long and painful wait, was 100% completely and totally worth it. I encourage you to remember this day, soak it in, take advantage, and see what the Lord is trying to show or reveal to you. I had no idea a lesson was going to come out of my anonymous gift giving last year.

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