When Justice is Not Served

Justice.  The definition is ‘just behavior or treatment’. Just meaning what is based on or behaving accordingly to what is morally right and fair. My definition of the word justice would be ‘a wrong that happened to you was made right’.  My struggle has been real lately with wanting justice on a few things in life.  Let me explain.  There have been different times in my life where someone possibly hurt me, mistreated me, or took credit for something I did.  And while each situation is different, I realized something.  Some of the things that I thought I had moved on from, proved I wasn’t completely over them quite yet.  Because the truth of the matter is, if I was really over Betty Jo who did me wrong a few months ago, it would not still bother me that she never apologized or acknowledged what she did or said.

Expectations.  There is that word again.  The problem that I have had lately is putting my own expectations on justice.  I have expected different people to do the right thing and fix any wrong doings.  Treat me the way I would treat them.  News flash, that ain’t gonna happen.  I cannot place my expectations of how a situation should be handled according to the way I think is right.  Because if you remember from my previous post on expectations (link here), expectations set you up for disappointment.  They take away your joy and distract you.  It makes it hard to appreciate all the good things in life because you are so focused on the one thing that is not happening according to what you thought.

My sister said something the other day that made this justice fiasco come full circle.  She later brought me to ask myself “Do I really trust God?”  Let me walk you through my answer the way I thought it out in my head:

Do I trust God? Duh, of course. God is good, His love is great, and I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).  But hold on…do I really trust God?  Trust him enough with my life and every decision in it?  When I say I am not going to do something because I will let God handle it, am I really doing that?  Because you see, if I really trusted God, I wouldn’t be worried about justice at all.  I would trust that God will work everything out, but more so realize that God is just.  We serve a just God.  There are so many verses in the bible about God being just but I will reference Psalm 25:8 (the message), “God is fair and just; He corrects the misdirected, sends them in the right direction.”  I realized that these “justice” situations are a matter of forgiving and then really forgetting.  Trusting that God will right any wrongs.