Navigating My Season of Transition

Oh hey y’all!  It’s me, Cassie!  You know the girl who has been MIA from this blog for the past 5 months…. or maybe it would make sense at this point if you didn’t know who this girl was from this blog.  Either way, I’m back!  But not only am I back, I’m writing this post from my hotel room all the way in Switzerland!! Far from home, across the world, and I happened to look back at my blog today and read my last post (not the outfits, the expectations post) and inspired myself to write a post.  Honestly, since I got here in Switzerland, I’ve had a lot on my mind and a blog post has been brewing in my head.  A post about what I’ve been going through, where I’m at in life currently, and just what I’ve learned.  Because let me tell y’all, a lot has changed since May.  A lot has changed in my life in general since the beginning of the year.  At the beginning of the year I felt the Lord telling me how 2018 was going to be a Challenging year.  Maybe challenging is not the best word to describe it.  More like a year that I was really going to have to lean on the Lord and trust Him in some of life’s challenging moments.  On October 7th, 2018 I can confirm that has been pretty darn accurate.  I plan on sharing these things and my struggles, because once again if sharing my life can help or encourage just one person, then this blog is all worth it.  Mission accomplished.

One big thing I want to share briefly is that I am now in a relationship!!!  She got a boyfrand y’all!!!

Finally. About. Dang. Time.

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The 411 on my Cruise OOTDs

One of my favorite parts of a vacation is taking risks and experimenting with different outfits.  Clothes are a way I like to have fun, take risks, and express myself.  Life’s too short not to play around with your wardrobe (at least in my opinion)!  Not to mention, I work for an engineering software company, and typically don’t have the same opportunity to experiment with fun outfits. 

I’ve gotten a few questions about where I got some of my outfits from my trip from so I figured, why not do a blog post.  Enjoy!

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Outfit #1 – Black crop top w/ puffy sleeves and white pants:

  • Black Crop top with puffy sleeves – Asos
  • Pants – Marshalls
  • Black Strappy Heels- Asos

Outfit #2 – Orange matching two piece set

  • Matching set – Pretty Little Thing
  • Gold Strappy Sandals – Old Navy (1 year old)
  • Leather Cream Backpack – TJ Maxx

Outfit #3 – Green floral dress

Outfit #4 – Black Romper with cutout

  • Romper – Asos
  • Black Strappy Heels – Asos

Outfit #5 – Navy Two Piece Matching Set

Outfit #6 – Airport outfit

  • Cardigan – Old Navy
  • Sweater Crop top – Marshalls
  • Distressed Denim Shorts – Forever 21
  • Pink Slide Sandals – The Shoe Dept.

Cruise 2018 Vlog

I used to go on cruises with my best friend and her family almost every summer after high school and throughout college.  We would have so much fun and made so many memories together.  Well, it was only fitting that we plan our own “single girls” trip recently since we are all grown now. 😉  Here’s the highlights from our trip!!

Some random/funny facts about our trip:
  • The weather was cloudy the entire trip. We literally only got 2 hours of sunlight on one day and that was it the entire vacation!
  • Although we went to the Bahamas, with the weather acting like it was, we called the trip our “Alaskan Cruise”.
  • Ashley and I made more friends with the crew than with other guests on the ship.
  • We are pros at the Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, and now the biker shuffle.
  • The boat we went on was the Carnival Elation and docked out of Jacksonville, Florida.
  • The Carnival Elation is a smaller ship and the port at Jacksonville was basically a Warehouse.