Throwback Thursday – Mama Mia, I went to Italy!

Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Italy for 2 weeks.  All. By. Myself.

This was one of the best trips of my life and one of the best moments in my life.  You see, this trip was more than a work trip and lavish vacation tied into one for me.  It was the time I found the self-love and acceptance I so desperately needed.  It was the season of life that I was alone and I was finally okay with that.  It was me growing closer to God and thanking him for the many things I had questioned about in my life just three years prior.  It was me being so proud of myself and all that I’ve done. And it was me pushing myself out of my comfort zone farther than I ever thought possible.  I met so many new people on this trip from all over the world and heard their stories.  I learned that no matter the country and cultural differences, we all experience similar struggles whether it’s love or figuring out what we want to do in life. I look back at this video that I made and always smile.  Not only am I reminded of the amazing trip I experienced, but I’m reminded of God’s love and faithfulness.

Side note: I traveled to Rome, Trieste, Island of Capri, Venice, Tuscany, and Naples.  I got to hike an active volcano, experience a Gondola Ride, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountation, explore the Coliseum, tour a winery, and so much more.  Italy is and will always be my first love.


Lift your spirits…and your lashes

What is an eyelash lift?  Think of a perm but for your eyelashes.  It’s an alternative to eyelash extensions that lifts your natural eyelashes.  If you’re like me and have long eyelashes already and don’t want to go the route of getting extensions, I highly recommend lash lifts.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes, and the best part is, you can take a nap during it.  There’s no pain or scary parts during the process.  Plus, the results can last up to 6 to 8 weeks.

I’ve been getting lash lifts for a little over a year now and I absolutely love them.   While everyone may have their own preference, I’m all for lash lifts and this is why:

  1. It’s cheaper then eyelash extensions.

    • Lash lifts can range in price at different places but can be anywhere from 50 – 75 dollars.  That’s less than half the cost for a set of eyelash extensions.

  2. It’s less maintenance.

    • A last lift can last up to 6 to 8 weeks.  You don’t have to worry about looking crazy over time as you may with eyelash extensions when they start to come off.  The only post care required for lash lifts is in the first 24 hours.  You can’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours.  Also, unless using a special mascara, no eye makeup either.  If you are a stomach sleeper, try to avoid sleeping in a position that could mash your lashes and change the shape. After the first 24 hours you are good to go!

  3. It doesn’t ruin your natural lashes.

    • Have you ever had a set of fake acrylic nails?  How were your nails after you had them removed?  Weak, brittle, and ruined?  Eyelash extensions can mess with the growth of your natural lashes. I’ve even heard horror stories of girls losing all of their lashes from extensions. While everyone is different, I’ve never experienced any issues with eyelash lifts.

  4. You can wear mascara and makeup after a lash lift (after the first 24 hours).

    • While I’ve never had eyelash extensions,  I’ve heard about having to be extremely careful if applying and removing mascara so you don’t lose eyelashes.  I mean if you think about it, the only thing keeping those lashes on your eyes is glue.  That glue won’t last as long with constant contact and makeup. With lash lifts, you can load up those lashes with as much mascara as you’d like.

As always, when deciding to do anything to your body, make sure you do your research and get all of your questions answered before.  Also, be sure to review the post care tips and recommendations to increase the results of your lash lift.

Dating in Today’s Generation

I’ll never forget when I ended a relationship 3 years ago and the variety of mixed reactions I received.  Specifically, I’ll never forget a comment one of my co-workers said when I told them about the news of my breakup.  They replied with something along the lines of, “Man, it’s going to be hard to find a good guy out there.  I’d hate to be dating in today’s day and age.”  Geez.  Really Betty Jo?  That’s what you chose to say in that moment?  I look back at it now and just laugh.  But, if you’re single, maybe you can relate and have experienced the many things that people have said to you without thinking.  Shoot, you may not even be single but can relate to the many things people say to you without thinking.

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