Check Yo self, before you wreck Yo self.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to a cute little cafe for lunch.  It was a chilly fall Saturday, and I was in the mood for soup and a sandwich.  We get to the restaurant and see that it’s busy, as it typically is.  I knew what I wanted and was getting excited for the comfort food that would soon be entering my belly.  We get to the front and I tell the cashier my order.  “I’m sorry ma’am we’re out of that for the day,” the cashier replies to my order, crushing my hopes and dreams (disclaimer: if this post sounds a little dramatic and ridiculous, it’s because it is).  Annoyed, I tell my boyfriend to place his order, while I scramble to look at the menu and quickly pick another option.  After we order, we go to sit down and wait for our food to come out.  After a few minutes, my boyfriend’s food is delivered to the table.  I start to get excited, assuming mine must be coming close behind.  I continue to wait and watch other people’s food as it gets delivered to their table.  I start to realize my boyfriend’s food is going to be cold by the time mine gets delivered.  I try to persuade him to begin to eat so he could enjoy his food while it was hot.  I’m unsuccessful and we continue to sit there waiting on my food.  I slowly start to become more and more annoyed.  Next, I look up and see something that maybe you can relate to.

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