Check Yo self, before you wreck Yo self.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to a cute little cafe for lunch.  It was a chilly fall Saturday, and I was in the mood for soup and a sandwich.  We get to the restaurant and see that it’s busy, as it typically is.  I knew what I wanted and was getting excited for the comfort food that would soon be entering my belly.  We get to the front and I tell the cashier my order.  “I’m sorry ma’am we’re out of that for the day,” the cashier replies to my order, crushing my hopes and dreams (disclaimer: if this post sounds a little dramatic and ridiculous, it’s because it is).  Annoyed, I tell my boyfriend to place his order, while I scramble to look at the menu and quickly pick another option.  After we order, we go to sit down and wait for our food to come out.  After a few minutes, my boyfriend’s food is delivered to the table.  I start to get excited, assuming mine must be coming close behind.  I continue to wait and watch other people’s food as it gets delivered to their table.  I start to realize my boyfriend’s food is going to be cold by the time mine gets delivered.  I try to persuade him to begin to eat so he could enjoy his food while it was hot.  I’m unsuccessful and we continue to sit there waiting on my food.  I slowly start to become more and more annoyed.  Next, I look up and see something that maybe you can relate to.

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The people who were in line behind us (and ordered after us) gets their food delivered.  “Oh heck nawwww, are you kidding me?  They got their food before me and they ordered after us!” (‘Hangriness’ is a real thing people.) Luckily my boyfriend steps in and politely asks an employee about my order.  They bring my food out quickly after, but at that point my attitude was already sour.  We begin eating and half way into our meal, my boyfriend says something that stops me dead in my tracks.  He says, “You know sometimes we complain about our food, or get annoyed with restaurants, but there are people who don’t even have food.”  As soon as he said that, it was like I was in a car that came to a screeching halt.  Dang.  He was absolutely right and I was immediately embarrassed and ashamed over the little attitude I had gotten at this cafe.  It was a reminder that I so needed to check myself in that moment. 

I heard an expression once that really hit home with me. When Satan can’t destroy you, he distracts you.  Distractions are one thing for me that can easily make me lose my focus.  They stop me from seeing the bigger picture and purpose in life.  I get so busy doing everything and doing it quickly, that I lose sight of the things that matter and how blessed I truly am.  I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve gotten annoyed because a restaurant has messed up my order.  The countless times that I’ve complained about work.  The countless times I’ve complained about grad school.  Or to put it another way, all the times I’ve complained about blessings.  I’ve complained about things that other people pray for.  Every so often I have to stop myself and check myself.  I literally have to correct myself from saying, “I have to go to work today,” to “I get to go to work today.”  I change it from saying, “I have to go to school tonight,” to “I get to go to school tonight.”  Every new day is a blessing, but it’s hard to see that sometimes with the many distractions in life.  We can get carried away in life, especially with how fast time goes by.  Sometimes it takes that blessing being taken away, before we realize the greatness of it.  I’m encouraging you, as I also remind myself to take a little time each day and thank the Lord for all He has done in your life.  One thing that I try to do to combat any negative thoughts or ungratefulness, is to turn the situation into a positive and thank the Lord regardless.  This past weekend, I went on a 9 hour and 6 minute road trip with my boyfriend.  Before we left town we ate at a Cracker Barrel. Ironically, this meal turned into another testing situation.  They were busy, out of dressing (it was turkey and dressing day), we didn’t receive our food until after those who arrived and ordered later than we did, and the food was cold.  This delayed us starting our already long road trip even longer.  While it was difficult not to get that sour attitude again, I tried to remind myself of how thankful I should be for everything.  Thanking the Lord and trusting that there was a reason why our trip was a little delayed in the beginning.  The Lord potentially was keeping us safe from something or someone. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, thankfulness and gratitude is something that we reflect on a lot this time of year.  But just like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. it’s always a great reminder to not just be thankful and reflect around this time of year, but all throughout the year.

Speaking of being thankful, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, reading my blog, or just simply clicking on this link.  Whatever the motive, I thank you for taking time out of your day to read and see what I have to say.   From my family to yours, I wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving! 

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1

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