Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and I love dressing up for it.  All through out college, I always wanted to go to costume parties but never really had any to go to….. until about two years ago!!   Once I had the parties to go to, that’s when my creative juices started flowing.  Thinking of a costume and then creating it is all part of the fun for me.  While I am guilty of being your typical popular costumes in the past (cat, lion, Pocahontas), I always like to pick the most creative costume I can think of.

With that being said, here’s a look back at some of my Halloween costumes from the past two years!

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Costume Details:

  • Selena
  • If the only Selena you know is Selena Gomez, you are missing out.  Selena was a talented Mexican American Singer who lost her life way too young.  There’s a movie called Selena, that shows all about her life that is played by Jennifer Lopez.  I love that movie! I remember watching this movie so many times when I was younger and the outfit she wore performing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom was always my favorite.  I got to live out my little girl fantasy by making that own version of the outfit myself.  That’s right, I glued all those sequins on, sewed straps on a bra, and did all the rest 100% myself.  I’m happy to report that by the end of the night, my costume was still together although I thought for sure it was going to fall apart.

  • Miss Universe?
    Do you remember when Miss Universe 2015 was accidentally crowned?  Poor Miss Colombia was incorrectly announced as Miss Universe 2015, and then a few minutes later, Steve Harvey crushed her dreams as he announced that he made a mistake.  I came up with this idea first by thinking about what I’ve always wanted to dress up as.  A beauty pageant queen yessss please!  I then remembered that accident that happened that year and instantly knew that was the best idea ever!

  • Business in the front, Party in the back
    This was definitely a different costume and one that not many people could guess that day at work.  Someone thought I was a man in the front and a woman in the back (facepalm).  Looking back that was actually a pretty good guess haha.  Everyone knows about the mullet and this expression and being that I was dressing up for work, I figured how appropriate.  This costume was definitely creative, outside the box, and something I had never seen anyone do before.

  • Mother Nature
    I got the idea for Mother Nature from Pinterest.  Originally, I had seen a picture of  a fairy costume that had a tulle skirt that had lights in it.  Lights?! I loved this idea and wanted to incorporate it into my own costume somehow.  So for a while I figured I would just be a 26 year old fairy.  But then the idea for mother nature came to me and I was able to incorporate the tulle skirt idea into it as well.  I tried my best to incorporate the different seasons and plants into my costume.  It may be hard to see in the picture, but my tulle skirt had lights y’all.  I loved this costume and was feeling myself that night.  😀

  • Clark Kent
    This was another idea I got from Pinterest and one that I thought was super cute and appropriate for work.  I could still walk around the office and look normal and not stick out for my costume.  For this costume I didn’t buy anything and used items all in my own closet.  I borrowed a co workers suspenders and printed out the superman logo and taped it to my shirt.  Wah lah! It was that easy!

So what’s my costume going to be this year you may ask???  I literally have no idea.  I won’t be attending any costume parties this year and so the only potential costume I may wear is to work (I do have two ideas).  I love this holiday so much but I feel like it snuck up so quickly on me this year.  A lot has been going on in life and I haven’t been able to fully embrace and celebrate the holiday like I normally do.  But hey, there’s always next year and with my new boo, my creative geniuses can now expand to Couples Costumes!!  🙂


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