When he’s just not that into you

Whether you have seen the movie or not, I think almost everyone has experienced that situation where the person you are interested in, is not so interested in you.

For me, that has happened a lot here lately.  Let me clarify, every guy that I have had interest in, just does not seem to have interest in me, or rather not the same interests I have.  However, there is one main thing I have learned in this season of singleness that I want to stress to every single female (or male if you are reading this too) out there:

If a guy is not reaching out, making an effort, and/or pursuing you, then he is just not that interested in you.

Period. Point blank. Now before you start gathering different debating points and giving me ‘What if situations‘,  (I.E.  “Well what if the guy has kids and is really busy?” or “What if he has been traveling for work and has been swamped with meetings?”)  Let me explain why.

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